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About Cornvale Foods

As a local supplier of beef, lamb, pork & associated products we are committed to supporting local producers & businesses.

Cornvale have been supplying fresh meat & poultry, local game and specialist deli goods to hotels and restaurants across the UK for more than 30 years.

We have a personal approach with an understanding that each business is different. Any requests are welcome for specialist products and cuts of meat tailor made to the requirements of your business to ensure the best products for your customers.

We are consistent in our quality and reliable in our service and in our desire for complete customer satisfaction. With over 30 years experience in farming and producing meat, Cornvale Fine Foods recognizes the importance of rearing for taste. Bred on small farms across the Lune Valley, on the banks of the River Lune from Lancaster to the Sedbergh fells, most of our producers have small family owned farms, rearing breeds specifically for texture and taste to Cornvale’s exacting standards.


Trade Orders

Excited to use Cornvale foods as a supplier in your business?

We have our whole range of products and can customise them to suit any needs. We also have a range of our own in house products to offer.

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Our Team

Find out more about our incredible team

We have an amazing team here at Cornvale with years of experience in the industry.

* Meet the Team page is coming soon! *



Get in touch via the form to the right and one of our friendly team will get back to you as soon as they can.

    If you want the best….. use the best! If you’ve been enjoying what we do here at Wildfire Food and would like to have a go yourself your first stop needs to be here at Cornvale Foods why??? Because their the best in the game!!

    Since our very first day in existence Cornvale has been our sole meat supplier. The produce they supply to us is local, its fully traceable, and the quality is second to none. We wouldn’t use it otherwise."

    Wildfire Food

    Wildfire Food

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