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We have our whole range of products and can customise them to suit any needs. We also have a range of our own in house products to offer. Find out more below or by giving us a call to talk through your needs.

As a local supplier of beef, lamb, pork & associated products we are committed to supporting local producers & businesses.

With over 30 years experience in farming and producing meat, Cornvale Fine Foods recognise the importance of rearing for taste. Bred on small farms across the Lune Valley, on the banks of the River Lune from Lancaster to the Sedbergh fells, all our producers have small family owned farms, rearing breeds specifically for texture and taste to Cornvale’s exacting standards.

Most of the Meat & Game supplied by Cornvale Foods comes from quality local farms within a 30 mile radius; Game & Venison from Cumbria, Lamb from The Lune Valley and Pork from Station near Kendal making traceability simple and animal welfare a priority.

Our team of 16 full and part time staff live within a ten mile radius of Melling.

Our Team

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We have an incredible team here at Cornvale, with years of experience in the industry, they can help with any of your find food needs! Whether to order at home or in the trade, give us a call today to find out what Cornvale and our team can do for you.


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"We have been dealing with Cornvale Foods for a long time and they have consistently supplied good quality produce. We are very happy with the service and find all the staff most helpful especially if we requests different cuts of meat. Our customers often comment on the quality and flavour of the meat."

Head Chef

Sharrow Bay Hotel, the Lake District