Christmas Time!

It's that time of a year again... And once again, it has been a difficult and challenging one.

We all hope that this year brings us larger gatherings than last Christmas!

Our Herb Fed Turkey Boxes are available again this year: Large, Medium, Small. We also have some new options for you, like Stuffed Turkey Breast with Orange and Chestnut and Stuffed Turkey Breast with Sage And Onion.

We also have some sweet goodies like Lottie Shaw's Mince Pies and Lottie Shaw's Fruit Cake. And of course some Farraday's Brandy Butter!

Make sure you check out our Christmas section on the website. And if there is anything else, please drop us an email!

    Xmas Hamper small (1)    

Last year was our first retail Christmas and it was a big challenge for all of us here at Cornvale.

We feel like we are more than ready this time (did I really just said that?!). We have learnt a lot during those past (nearly!) 2 years, delivering to our lovely customers all over the country.

Everyday brings us new challenges and we are already excited about what 2022 will look like. (hint: we have lots of new ideas, and we cannot wait to share them with you!)

We would like to thank each and everyone who has supported us in the past few years, months or days. We are so glad to see so many happy customers.

Merry Christmas! xx