Lancashire Haggis Ball 454g


Lightly seasoned, fresh minced lamb and beef heart are combined with oatmeal and sautéed onions. Then gently simmered in a traditional casing to keep in all the flavour.

Pack Size: 454g



Browns Lancashire Haggis is a modern interpretation of this centuries old classic. It is much lighter and more delicately seasoned than its Scottish cousin and so better suited to today’s more discerning palate. It’s real comfort food, warm, satisfying and young and old agree – theirs is better.

Their story…

Long, long ago in a far away market town in Lancashire, one man dreamed of making the world’s best haggis. That man was John Brown, master butcher and owner of the long-established Brown’s the Butchers of Chorley.

Disappointed with what he saw as mass-market, off-the-shelf haggis.  He decided to dig out the old recipe books his father left him and set about creating his own.

He worked tirelessly in the kitchen making hundreds of batches of haggis. Then he was finally happy that he had made ‘The One’. Customers loved it and whenever a new batch was ready they were queuing ‘out-the-door’.

Twenty five years on, The Lancashire Haggis Co has grown and John’s two sons, Chris and Tim look after the business, making black puddings, white-puddings, roulades, speciality sausages and many, many thousands of the now famous Lancashire Haggis each year.

The story continues…


Lamb, oatmeal, onion, beef suet, beef, seasoning, soya and spices. For allergens, including cereals containing gluten, see ingredients in bold.