Tuscan Sausage Thick Link 454g Pack


Own Secret Recipe:




Our Tuscan Sausages are rich, hearty and robust in flavour.
As part of our sauasge range they are made using our own Gloucester Old Spot Belly Pork, and hand blended with herbs & spices.

In true Cornvale style, our customers ask and we have to deliver. They asked us to come up with a unique recipe Tuscan Sausage. After much trial and error we finally  perfected the recipe to give this truly Italian inspired sausage.  It’s no wonder they soon became one of our best sellers and are great in pasta inspired dishes.

All this means they contains no artificial flavours and preservatives.

Made fresh to order by our team of skilled butchers.

Our butchers hand select meat to make our sausages with the right ratio of meat to fat.
This ensures that every sausage is as succulent and tasty as the next to give your meals that extra flavour.
All our sausages are handmade and filled into natural casings.


Pork 90%, water, cracked black pepper, white salt, pink salt, sugar, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, ground coriander, fennel seeds.