Lune Valley Lamb Shoulder (Bone In)


Lamb from the Lune Valley and Lake District.

Lovingly reared by a handful of farmers…

Pack Size: 1kg, 1.5kg, 2kg




Sourced from small farms in the Lune Valley and Lake District. Our farmers, who we have worked with over many years, lovingly hand rear our lambs. We have forged great relationships with them to bring you lamb with consistent quality and great taste.

We traditionally hang our lambs for 5-7 days. This gives it that true lamb taste and tenderness you only get from a proper butchers.

Lamb Shoulders were made for braising and slow cooking because they have the right balance of meat with a good covering of fat and being left on the bone.  The depth of flavour you get makes it one of our personal favourites.  And this Slow Braised Lamb Shoulder recipe by Chef Tom Aikens will certainly have you wanting more.